About Us

Healthy crate foods is a young company of dynamic professionals engaged in global processed food supply.

In a short time, we have created a niche in the merchandising and supply of processed food commodities through our professional and systematic approach towards our services. We have put many customer and business friendly processes in place, such as sourcing the products directly; which in turn enables us to present the commodities at the best prices while maintaining high standards of quality, delivered within timelines.

We have based our foundation on our unique and innovative processes, which are backed by deep drawn research from various relevant industries, consumers, market and geographies. We keep studying and analyzing the markets to understand their requirements, and match them with domestic production trends to evolve and deliver as per changing demands and trends.

 The Company is engaged in exports of various commodities like Dehydrated fruits and vegetables, Fruit Juices, Jams, Tomato Products(Ketchup, Puree and Paste), Indian Spices, etc.

 We garnered a huge base of satisfied loyal clients from various parts of world as well as many suppliers who have been happily associated with us in a short span of time. It has been possible due to our uncompromising commitment towards quality of our products, while keeping supporting our suppliers with the most suitable rates. 

It is this commitment to service characteristic of all our employees, which makes us a trusted associate of so many stakeholders. Our success is solely attributed to our energetic and experienced team. Our seasoned sourcing professionals work closely with our suppliers as their consultants and partners, to ensure that the products are consistently as per the quality expectations of our buyers. Our ever helpful administration & customer support teams ensure that the entire experience is smooth and satisfying for our customers – right from documentation and logistics to the end delivery and further assistance.