1 Microsoft Restaurants Near Me

1 Microsoft Restaurants Near Me

6 Choices of 1 Microsoft Restaurants Near Me

Finding an appropriate restaurant near you can be conducted. Take it easy. You can use a Microsoft search application to find 1 Microsoft restaurants near me. It is an application to find not only restaurants but you can get bakery, bars, cafes, hotels, and the other takeaways near you with an application of restaurant near me, a local restaurant searcher.

How Does It Restaurant Near Me Work?

You can find interesting and unique restaurants near me anywhere and anytime. It is free of hurries. A local search provides a number of different options around you. You can surf the list of the recommended restaurants, bars, hotels, bakeries, cafes, pizzas, and the food delivery orders around you. You can get easy navigation and directions to go to the place. How does it work? You can find 1 Microsoft restaurants near me based on the location or dishes. You can find more choices near you. You can take the choice of your favorite restaurants or find the other options. What about the features of the restaurants. It has several features enjoyed in this application. It has an easy and comfortable maps search. It offers a complete list of the restaurants anywhere you are. Callings and navigation can be conducted in a cellular application. You can register and save your favorite restaurants for a future reference.

The List of The Recommended 1 Microsoft Restaurants Near Me

To help you find the best 1 Microsoft restaurants near me, you need to find the list of the restaurants through this application. Here is the list of restaurants near me.

Typhoon!: Streets of Asia at Microsoft

The first restaurant to visit is the Typhoon. It is a restaurant with Asian taste at Microsoft. It tends to select Vietnamese foods to be the main dish and menu list. You can spoil your tongue with some delicious menus of lunch at this restaurant. You can enjoy Phad see ew that is always sold out. It tastes better than the other Vietnamese restaurants. The staffs and services of the restaurant are excellent and amazing. It can be a good restaurant for spending your time for getting tasty meals. It is also serving fast food lunch for the customers. The food is so excellent, delicious, and full of flavor making it deserve to be the delicious one.


What else is another restaurant to select? You can take a choice of Boardwalk. It belongs to one of 1 Microsoft restaurants near me. It is located in Northeast 40th street, Redmond.

In this restaurant, you will taste the expensive lunch for the customers. However, the taste is equal to its price. It offers great cheese and mac combination. It makes you come to this restaurant for times to enjoy it. You can spend your money to eat salmon cake sandwich and chips in this restaurant. It also has a great menu list for lunch and dinner. It is located inside Microsoft campus in which it serves greatly delicious foods arising from your appetite. It has a great atmosphere. It is available for dinner and lunch.

Lunchbox Lab Microsoft Edition

If you want to want more 1 Microsoft restaurants near me, Lunchbox is the ultimate option. It is still located in 154th Ave, Redmond. You can have lunch in this restaurant. It serves always delicious burger and delight french fries making you want to order it for times. You can also get a milkshake. Hamburger in this restaurant becomes the recommended one. A menu list of Habanero pepper mayo seems to be the best seller. You will be greeted by the friendly staffs serving you all the time.

Pike Place

If you dislike burger menus, you can take aside to Pike Place. It is located in Commons at Microsoft Campus, Redmond. You can spend your time memorably in this restaurant because the interior design looks so great and nice. It is a beautiful place to visit and come. It has fresh and lovely flowers increasing an atmosphere in this restaurant. The workers and staffs are working hard in which it works professionally and friendly to serve foods. You will not get regretful to visit this place. You can include it to the must-visit restaurants near me. Some delicious menu lists are available ordered.

Microsoft Cafe 121

Despite those 1 Microsoft restaurants near me, you can still search and find the other restaurants near you. It is called Microsoft Cafe 121. It is located in Redmond, WA. Overall, all services and most of the staffs serve friendly, warmly, and satisfyingly. Of course, it will make you comfortable during eating in this restaurant. It serves Starbucks reserve. You can stop here before you conduct your daily activities. You can enjoy Starbucks menus in this restaurant. What about the taste of the menus? It is not regretful and disappointing. It also sells excellent and delicious foods every time. You can get some varieties of fresh meals such as salad, juice, pizza, and many more. Those are so much tasty.

Dough Zone Dumpling House

What are the next 1 Microsoft restaurants near me? You can fall in love with Dough Zone dumpling house. It is a recommended restaurant selling healthy and fresh meals for customers. The making and cooking process of the meals will pass some hygienic processes so that you will feel satisfied all the time. This restaurant serves Asian foods and Chinese foods. Those are the most favorite foods in the restaurants having many lovers. If you are a vegetarian, don’t get worried about which it is vegetarian-friendly. It doesn’t include some animal ingredients to every recipe because it is designed with a vegetarian concept. If you want to reach there, you should come to Suite 4B, Bellevue, WA. You will find it with the crowd of customers buying fresh meals and menus in this restaurant. Those are some lists of the recommended restaurants near me, especially in Microsoft areas. You can find more restaurants there with that application. It is easy to do finding the best restaurant.

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