Authentic Mexican Food Near Me

 Authentic Mexican Food Near Me

The authentic Mexican food near me

What is the authentic Mexican food near me that I can order? Mexican cuisine has become more popular cuisines in around the world. Perhaps, you have heard the popular Mexican food such as Tacos, Fujita, Guacamole and many more. The authentic Mexican food almost never incorporated with ingredients’ such as cheddar cheese, slices of beef, wheat flour, and black beans.

The authentic Mexican tacos

You fell in love with the Mexican food, and once you taste the tacos, you might wonder it is the authentic one when you eat in Mexican Restaurant. But the truth is, with the spreading immigrant people from Mexico to other countries around the world, the taste maybe not authentic anymore. You probably know the term called Tex-Mex, the brief term that refers to Texas-Mexico. Depend on where you live, find the authentic tacos can be hard. However, this is how you can find tasty and authentic tacos.

·        The authentic tacos come with corn tortillas, not with flour tortillas.

·        The American taco usually comes with a hard taco shell, but the authentic Mexican taco comes with softshell.

·        The authentic Mexican taco not topped with cheese such as the American version. The authentic taco version comes with fresh cilantro topping and white onion that diced finely.

·        The authentic Mexican taco made with grilled meat, stewed or fried. The grilled meat has marinated overnight with spices and herbs include cumin, lime, onions, paprika, and chilies. The cooked meat is usually lightly seasoned with salt and pepper.

·        The authentic taco is made not spicy typically but if you make your own homemade salsa recipe, you can add spicy taste as you want.

While you differ the taco taste and salsa for authentic taste and diverse taste in different regional, you might need to know for the type to a taco that you can choose.

Type of tacos

Tacos are varying throughout into Mexican republic. Perhaps, you think that taco you eat in the street corner or in restaurants is the same, but really, they are all quite different. Here are some examples of popular tacos type to help you next when you order this traditional Mexican food.

Asador. This is a type of tacos that made from meat cooked in a griddle.

·        Shrimp tacos. This is tortillas tacos that filled with cooked shrimp and then add with cabbage and lime squeeze as the top.

·        Tacos al carbon. This is tacos that made from meat that cooked over charcoal to create the smoky flavor.

·        Cazo. This is taco that stuffed with fillings that made in traditional Mexican copper pot. This dish is deep and good to add to carnitas or fried pork dishes.

·        Cazulea. This is taco that containing with stewed meat that made in traditional Mexican clay cookware that known as cazuelba.

·        Fish tacos. This is type or tacos that available filled with grilled or fried fish. The fish is made from fresh fish.

·        Vegetarian Tacos. This is a type of tacos that made for a vegetarian. it is made from pinto beans, rice, roasted slices chili and garbanzo beans.


Salsa is known as a sauce for Mexican food as a dip. Not all salsa is spicy. Salsa helps to enhance the flavor of Mexican food especially the meat in tacos. Therefore, a taco is not complete without salsa as a topping.

·        Salsa Roja. It is also named as a red sauce as it looks like a deep red salsa color that comes from a tomato base. The salsa includes the chili peppers that cooked and sometimes it hot and smoky.

·        Avocado salsa. This is the type of salsa made from an avocado base. For sure, it should not confuse with guacamole. The avocado salsa is thinner because it mixed with lime liquid and white vinegar.

·        Salsa Negra. This was also known as a black sauce as the color made from roasted dried chilies, garlic, and oil.

·        Salsa verde. This also named as a green sauce with tomatillo based. The tomatillos are cooked and blended with garlic, onions, and herbs.

Here is what you need to make Authentic Mexican Food recipes

Mexican food has widely diverse. The word “authentic” can mean in different ways. By reading, the ingredients below or flavors for Mexican food can help you to determine the authentic Mexican. The authentic also can mean for something that has been prepared traditionally for more than 50 years or more.

•    Corn (maize or Nixtamal). Corn is also the most important ingredient in Mexican food. It has appeared in everything, for example, tortillas, tamales, tacos, stews, or soups.

•    Rice ( Arroz).  Together along with corn, rice becomes the most important grains in Mexico.

•    Dried beans. Another Mexican staple ingredient for the cuisine is beans. The dried beans are often prepared by simmering them into the water and mix with fresh herbs such as epazote, the wild herb.

•    Tortillas. For you who love to try Mexican food, the

Methods used in authentic Mexican cooking

The cooking methods for Mexican food most are very similar to ways you use every day such as frying, boiling, and grilling. However, the use of molcajete or the steaming bucket can be a new experience for you.

·        Traditional method. The past Mexican does not have ovens so everything of their food will be heated with open fire. In the past, they use cast iron pots, pans and also the ceramic ware. In recent day, you also can get a similar result by using a grill. Another method in authentic Mexican cooking is steaming. Frying is also a popular method for cooking.

·         The modern method. The cast iron pans made an easier way to make homemade tortillas. You also can use a Dutch oven to make a similar result with the process of barbacoa steaming and birria.

·        Grilling. Grilling is also one of the examples of a cooking method to enhances the flavor in Mexican dishes. The method brings out the authentic taste from the dish with.

·        On the stove. Boiling or simmering is a good way of cooking meat and vegetables. It is easy just by put the vegetables and/or meat into the large pot/pan and fille with broth or water and add with plenty of herbs and spices. Wait and let simmer it all day. When dinner time comes, the meat will tender and fall apart.

If you want to taste the authentic Mexican food, no need to go to Mexico. Just find the original one by looking with keyword “authentic Mexican food near me” and the direction will help you to find it.

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