Best Salvadoran Restaurant Near Me Now

Best Salvadoran Restaurant Near Me Now

Find the Best Salvadoran Restaurant Near Me Now

Salvadoran expatriates as well as natives looking for some new taste can actually find the best Salvadoran restaurant near me now. Salvadoran cuisine is popular not only in its native country. People living outside El Salvador actually enjoy eating Salvadoran cuisines due to their uniqueness in terms of ingredients, flavor, variety, combination, everything. Even if compared with other Central and South American cuisines, Salvadoran foods can still present their exclusiveness. There are several reasons why visiting a Salvadoran restaurant is a good idea, especially if you live here in Los Angeles.

  1. Salvadoran cuisine blends Spanish, Native American, and indigenous Lenca and Pipil cuisines in a unique and pleasant combination. It is comparable with Honduran cuisine as well as that of the neighboring countries where people of the same ethnics live. This unique combination is something that is rarely found in other Latin American countries.
  2. Although El Salvador shares many similar cuisines with its neighbors, some foods are considered unique to this country. The most notable is pupusa, a tortilla made from either corn flour or rice flour that is stuffed with tasty ingredients, which can be either animal-based or plant-based, or a mixture of both. Due to the popularity of this food, many restaurants serving Salvadoran cuisines are called pupuserias.
  3. Besides pupusa, there are other Salvadoran foods that are popular due to their unique taste and the way they are served. Whether you are a Salvadoran restaurant frequenter or first-timer who wants to try Salvadoran cuisines, you will mostly be attracted with popular Salvadoran cuisines, including pollo encebollado, onion-shimmered chicken; Salvadoran hard or fresh cheeses; yuca frita, fried cassava served with curtido pickles; panes rellenos, Salvadoran submarine sandwitches; carne guisada and carne asada, beef-based foods; chorizo, Salvadoran twin sausage; and a large selection of tamales, salads, and soups.
  4. It is not hard to find a Salvadoran restaurant. In Los Angeles, there are more than 200 pupuserias that you can visit and frequent. This is why I tell you that it is actually quite easy for you to find the best Salvadoran restaurant near me now in Los Angeles. Of course, not all of them are the same. Here I will show you three Salvadoran eateries that are among the most popular in Los Angeles.

Now if you want to try any of the aforementioned Salvadoran cuisines or some light Salvadoran beverages, such as, here are some fine places in Los Angeles that you can visit.

Sarita’s Pupuseria

Sarita’s Pupuseria is a pupuseria that is run by a family of Salvadorans who dedicate their life to preserving the culinary tradition of El Salvador in the foreign land. This pupuseria is located at the heart of Grand Central Market and it has been becoming a popular eatery since the first member of the family opened it. Due to its popularity, it is always teeming with customers, so you are lucky if you can get an empty seat at this pupuseria.

One excitement that you can enjoy when you visit this pupuseria is watching the making of pupusa. The skillful hands of the chef make the pupusa making process look more like an acrobat and an art. The sight is enjoyable and so is the way the finished meal is preserved.

Salvadoran pupusa is known to be much thicker than tortillas, but at this pupuseria, you can get a pupusa that is thicker than normal, making you wonder about what kind of stuffing is concealed within the corn crust. Sarita’s pupuseria does offer various types of stuffing, so whether you want to enjoy the soft texture of seasoned beef or the burning sensation of jalapenos, you can order the chef to make one for you.

Los Cocos

If you are looking for the best Salvadoran restaurant near me now, which serves both Salvadoran meals and desserts, you may want to stop by Los Cocos at Centinela Avenue. Los Cocos is not only a pupuseria, but also a panaderia—a place specializing in making bread and desserts.

As a pupuseria, Los Cocos is a great place to fill your empty stomach at lunchtime or at night when you want to enjoy an elegant and delicious dinner. As a panaderia or a bakery, you can browser a large selection of tasty desserts, roasted or steamed, that this eating place offers.

In addition to being a pupuseria and panaderia, another thing that makes Los Cocos a great place to visit is its price. You can get a fat pupusa served with a pair of curtidos with only $2. It is thus a great restaurant to visit if you want to invite your friends and relatives for a delicious Central American dinner.

Jaragua Restaurant

Jaragua restaurant is an elite eating place for elite people. If you are looking for an upscale restaurant to host a romantic dinner, Jaragua restaurant is a perfect destination to visit. Its menu includes all Salvadoran cuisines that are considered popular, including the juicy and soft chicharron, fresh loroco, and, of course, fat and flavorful pupusa.

What is special about Jaragua restaurant is that at this restaurant, you can see the processing of all ingredients before they are mixed and transformed into delicious Salvadoran foods. You can watch the manual griding of masa, which contributes to its rather coarse yet pleasant texture when eaten, and the process of stuffing meat and other ingredients into the pupusa. At Jaragua restaurant, you excite not only your palate, but also your eyes.

As an upscale restaurant, Jaragua restaurant also includes a fancy bar. Its bar serves not only all popular beverages and liquors commonly found in fancy restaurants, but also Salvadoran beverages, such as ensalada, which you can hardly find in other bars.

Understandably, this upscale Salvadoran restaurant is located at the most elite part of Los Angeles at Beverly Boulevard. If you want to find the best Salvadoran restaurant near me now, this place can be a great place to visit, especially if you want to enjoy the best Salvadoran culinary experience and if budget doesn’t restrict you.

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