The Eaters of Central Florida: Chinese Buffet Restaurants Near Me

If you are folk of Florida and you find yourself asking food-related questions like “are there Chinese buffet restaurants near me?” or other question of that nature, then you are lucky to have stumbled upon this article, dear eaters. We know Florida is not exactly the perfect place to live in if your taste palate prefers to have Chinese food, but we have scrounged these names that we think can satisfy those Chinese food thrills. A hankering for Chinese foods can only be satisfied by going to a Chinese buffet restaurant, after all, and if you feel that hankering, you Florida folks should give these listed places a visit.

These places, aside from serving you Chinese food buffet-style, will also give you your money’s worth, meaning there is a low chance of you being disappointed by them (unless you are a hardcore Chinese food lover who aims only to find the most authentic of Chinese cuisines).

Because time is such a precious commodity that cannot be left to waste, we would like to kick this list off by listing what is probably the best buffet restaurant in entire Florida: The Kim Wu Chinese Restaurant.

Kim Wu Chinese Restaurant of Orlando

Orlando is home to what is probably the best-tasting Chinese buffet restaurant you can find in the whole of Florida. The folks of Orlando have been saying that this is the ‘only Chinese restaurant in Florida that does not disappoint’ and they are somewhat right by saying that. Florida is not known for having the best Chinese restaurants, but this one is the exception to that rule.

The Kim Wu Chinese restaurant wins the award for being the best Chinese restaurant for several reasons: first, the food options here are amazing. While other restaurants might sell you only a handful of food items, Kim Wu takes it to the next level by selling Chinese foods that are somewhat less popular when compared to your standard American Chinese foods. One of those food items is pork ends, which is a rare sight in other Chinese restaurants.

Second, this is an authentic Chinese restaurant in Florida. We include that as one of this place’s pros simply because most Chinese restaurants in that place sell Chinese fusion foods. Chinese fusion foods can be great, but you would not get that authentic full Chinese experience if you eat them.

Aside from serving you food on a buffet, you can also order food from the menu, so you are not limited to eating the food that the buffet serves you. That being said, the buffet selection is a bit small and the buffet only runs from 11:30 to 14:00. That small selection of buffet, however, are all delicious and they change each day to prevent you eaters from getting bored.

Service can be inconsistent sometimes, which is probably the least attractive thing about the place. If you are fine with being served inconsistently, then it should not be too big of a problem to handle.

Panda Express

We know what you are thinking: “Panda Express? Really?”

We understand if you think like that, especially when you know that most fast-food restaurants are restaurants that will give you that authentic Chinese food experience. Panda Express, too, is not known for being a restaurant that gives you buffet option, so why did we bother putting this restaurant on the list?

Simply because this branch of Panda Express serves buffet if you choose to get it. The food is not something to talk to your friends about, but if you really need to tickle that Chinese buffet experience, you can give Panda Express a go. Their signature orange chicken is delicious, after all, so at the very least you got food you can wait for.

The place is also very cheap, which means even if you do not like what you eat, you would not be missing too much of your money.

Mei Asian China Buffet

This is the most polarizing buffet we got on our list. Some of its visitors say that the buffet is fine, with an assortment of food items to choose from preventing your tongue from getting bored. Some also said that the items are too expensive and that the service is less than stellar.

While we can say that the food items are tasty, we cannot say that they are worth the price you pay. The service might be normal and it might be bad, depending on what kind of person you are. If you are somewhat a patient person, then the service is just your usual service. If you are not, you will find that the service is pretty bad.

Ichiban Buffet

Ichiban means number one in Japanese, and now you understand how hard it is to find an authentic Chinese buffet in Florida, yes?

As you might have noticed, this is a Japanese restaurant that also serves a buffet. The Chinese food you can find here are not abundant, but they exist and most of them are freshly cooked. The Japanese foods are also delicious, though you probably would not be too interested in them if you are trying to find Chinese foods in the first place.

No Chinese authenticity here, sadly. This is a fusion restaurant, meaning the foods you can eat here are probably Chinese-American, Japanese-American, or Chinese-Japanese foods. Final verdict: Good if you want to eat East Asian foods, bad if you want to eat exclusively Chinese foods.

New China Buffet

A fusion restaurant again because there are sushi and other food items, meaning no Chinese exclusivity and authenticity.

It is a good restaurant, though, and if you decide to eat here, you would get your money’s worth. Though the building looks bad from the outside, the inside holds pretty well and it is a clean place to eat in. The service is awesome, too, so if the service is one of the things you see important, you would not be disappointed by the place.

Not the best place to find delicious, mainland Chinese-like food items because everything in here is a tad Japanized or Americanized. Some food items can taste bland, but those items are not always served, which means you can either get them or not depending on the day of your visit.

To end this article…

Finding an authentic Chinese buffet in Florida is hard, even more so if you are trying to find one that tastes good. These five places, however, are places that we believe to be the best places if you ever ask yourself “where can I find Chinese buffet restaurants near me?” something along the line.

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