Chinese Food For Diabetics

For Healthier Life: Chinese Food For Diabetics Should Be Taken Into Account


According to the National Diabetes Information Clearinghouse, it is said that approximately 23,6 million American people is diagnosed with diabetes. When someone suffers from diabetes, he will get difficulty to process the carbohydrates that contains of sugar due to the lack of insulin and the level of insulin is too high for the excessive sugar level in the bloodstream. So, what you have to do is to manage the nutrition intake for the sake of Chinese food for diabetics.


What to do for choosing Chinese food for diabetics

It is said that most Chinese foods are tend to be high in calories that promote the blood sugar level. In the other hand, there are some Chinese food for diabetics that offers the balanced diet to meet the required nutrient per day. Thus, what you have to do is to study about the menu and choose the most appropriate menu with the thorough considerations.


  • Always consider the amount of carbohydrates


We all know that the Chinese foods are high in carbohydrates and this is the main cause of the rising blood sugar level. Some of foods that belong to this category are steamed rice, fried rice, chow mein and any other noodles dishes. To get Chinese food for diabetics, you have to limit the consumption of carbs in those mentioned foods above. It is strongly recommended to limit the consumption of carbs in the range of 45 – 60 grams per meal.


  • Do increase the amount of fibers


To control the blood sugar level among the diabetic people, in dealing with Chinese food for diabetics, you have to order the high fiber foods. Many foods considered to have high fibers are fruits, whole grains, vegetables and legumes that will help to maintain the blood sugar level. To enjoy the menu, you can order more vegetables with brown rice and consume some slices of oranges to cater the fiber intake per day.


  • Do not order fried foods


Being diabetic people is highly risky to develop the problem with cardiovascular disease. Due to most Chinese foods are processed by deep frying, you have to limit the consumption of egg rolls, fried noodles, fried foods and many others. In associate with Chinese food for diabetics, you can order baked tofu, steamed veggies, broiled chicken which all are low in carbs, calories, fat and it helps to lower your cholesterol level.


  •  Do not excessively consume sugar and salt


Broadly known that sugar promotes the high blood glucose level in the bloodstream, it is suggested that the Chinese food for diabetics should be less in both salt and sugar. In other words, you have to limit the consumption of sweet sauces, kung pao chicken or sour and sweet pork. Besides, you should not consume more sodium because it links with the problem of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

For diabetic people, going to the Chinese restaurant is not a big mistake since there are so many foods to consume with no worries of having high blood sugar level. In this regard, the Chinese food for diabetics should be low in sugar, calories and carbohydrates. If you follow what it has instructed above, your blood sugar level will remain constant and you can enjoy the Chinese foods.

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