Gestational Diabetes Meal Plan For A Week

Recommended Gestational Diabetes Meal Plan For A Week To Stabilize The Blood Sugar

People with gestational diabetes are supposed to be more active, eat healthy nutritious foods and check the blood sugar level regularly. Since you are encouraged to consume selected foods with low calories, sugar and carbs, it means that you need to be more careful enough in purchasing your daily needs as well. To keep the blood sugar level constant, you need to arrange the gestational diabetes meal plan for a week. Do not worry because you still have the chance to snacking.

Simple guidelines on gestational diabetes meal plan for a week

This following guidelines fall into three parts namely breakfast, lunch and dinner with various kinds of healthy foods you can choose by yourself. Do not forget to differentiate your menu every day so that you will not feel bored on what you consume. Below is the gestational diabetes meal plan for a week.


  1. Find the low-sugar foods for cereal-type morning meal such as porridge, shredded wheat and add some nuts or seeds.
  2. Two or one slices of bread containing of whole grains combined with grilled bacon is preferable. Rye bread is also suggested.
  3. Bread with seeds and some no sugary butter as topping is also recommended. Add two or a large slice of bacon.
  4. Omelet is another good option for healthy foods which is accompanied by the bread with whole grain.
  5. Low-fat yoghurt with some dices of apples and pears or seeds is advisable to maintain blood sugar level.
  6. Smoked mackerel, salmon, kippers added by cream cheese on top of them are best option as well.
  7. Bacon, mushroom, black pudding and eggs accompanied by the seeded bread are preferable to start the morning.


  1. Some slices of seeded bread along with scrambled eggs is recommended.
  2. Greek salad sprinkled with olives or feta cheese and the two wholegrain of healthy crackers.
  3. Healthy tuna nicoise in the form of salad with olive, eggs and green salads.
  4. A half-done baked potato added with tuna mayonnaise, salad, coleslaw or cheese.
  5. A sandwich made of meat, seeded bread, egg, fish, cheese and salad.
  6. Pizza-like made of mozzarella, olives, tomatoes and onion added by the wholemeal tortilla is advisable.


  1. Wholemeal pasta combined with chicken sauce and some beans or lentils
  2. Roasted chicken thighs served with the green beans and potatoes
  3. Beef stew added some healthy sweet potatoes, lentils and beans
  4. Creamy cheese combined by green veggies and salad
  5. Grilled fish with the topping such as butter beans
  6. Fried sweet potatoes or salad with steak
  7. Fajitas served with sliced peppers, spices and onions served in the avocado with diced tomatoes or sour cream

The gestational diabetes meal plan for a week as mentioned above can be combined one to another as preference. What you need to know about the meal plan above is that all the things are healthy with low sugar, calories and carbohydrates, so that it is quite safe for the gestational diabetes women. Apart from gestational diabetes meal plan for a week, make sure not to forget doing regular exercise 30 minutes every day to maintain the overall health.

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