Good Lunch Restaurants Near Me – Best Restaurants for Lunch in USA

Good Lunch Restaurants Near Me

Best Restaurants for Lunch in USA

Good lunch restaurants near me – There is nothing more fun than having lunch in a good restaurant which serves delicious foods and beverages. Especially if the foods served are cooked by a professional chef combined with a cozy and cool place. Lunchtime will be a great short escape during a break at work. For you who want to have a great lunch by eating tasty foods and beverages, we prepare the recommendation of the best restaurants for lunch in the USA for you. Here they are.


If your favorite menu is Italian pasta, this restaurant is suitable for you. Bricco is located in Boston that will serve you the most delicious Italian pasta. You surely will not be disappointed with the foods this restaurant serves. Moreover, there are some Hollywood celebrities who had visited and tasted the foods here, such as Melissa McCarthy, Jennifer Lawrence, and Tom Cruise. So, are you still doubted to have your lunch in this restaurant?

Simpang Asia

This restaurant is a perfect choice for you who want to eat Indonesian foods for your lunch. Located in National Boulevard area, Simpang Asia is one of the most famous and most popular Indonesian restaurants in the United States of America. The variety of Indonesian menus served drags customers’ attraction and attention. Besides its delicious taste, this Indonesian restaurant is known as the cheapest restaurant for lunch in Los Angeles.

Some of Simpang Asia’s special menus are mie tek-tek, nasi kuning, and telur balado. Starts at $5, you are able to enjoy delicious foods for your lunch. If you are interested to have lunch in this Indonesian restaurant, you can go to 10433 National Blvd, Los Angeles, USA.


The next recommended restaurant for lunch in the United States of America is Rasa. Rasa is a restaurant which serves Malaysian foods. But this restaurant also serves other foods, such as Japanese foods, Chinese foods, and also Thai foods. Here, you will be able to taste original Asian countries foods. Rasa restaurant even received Michelin Star predicate. So that you do not have to doubt the quality and taste of the foods served here. Moreover, this recommended restaurant is suitable for Muslims because the foods served are all halal.

Prime 112

If you want to enjoy eating delicious steak as well as enjoying a great view, Prime 112 restaurant is a perfect place for you. Prime 112 is the first modern steak restaurant in the United States of America. This restaurant is located in a region that is famous for its breathtaking views, Miami. So, it is not surprising that you are able to enjoy a great view while having a delicious lunch. Prime 112 restaurant had served famous Hollywood celebrities, such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Oprah Winfrey, Giselle Bundchen, Bill Clinton, and Tom Brady.

Do you want to have a taste of steak which those Hollywood celebrities have tasted? Directly go to Prime 112 modern steak restaurant.

Burgers by Honest Chops

For Muslims who want to have a burger for lunch, you can go to Burgers by Honest Chops because this restaurant serves Halal burgers. Burgers by Honest Chops only uses beef, chicken, and lamb for their delicious burgers. This restaurant has a homey atmosphere, making you feel like you are having lunch at your own home. Are you interested to have delicious halal burgers for your lunch? Visit Burgers by Honest Chops at 99 Macdougal St, New York, USA.

Chicky’s BBQ

This restaurant serves various kinds of delicious satay which are perfect for your lunch. The owner of Chicky’s BBQ restaurant is Chinese-Indonesian so that you will find various tasty satay here, such as chicken satay, pork satay, and lamb satay. Besides satay, Chicky’s BBQ restaurant also serves the famous Indonesian nasi Padang. If you order this menu, you will be able to enjoy rich flavors in one dish. All of the menus served by this restaurant are affordable. All of the foods served in Chicky’s BBQ restaurant cost under $10.

In order to taste those affordable delicious foods, visit this restaurant at 1206 Huntington Dr, United States of America.

Naya Mezze & Grill

Do you want to have unique foods for your lunch? Then, try to visit Naya Mezze & Grill. Naya Mezze & Grill is a restaurant which serves Lebanon foods and Mediterranean foods. This restaurant is suitable for Muslims because all of the foods served here are Halal. What makes this restaurant unique are Naya Mezze & Grill serves different meal menus every day. Besides tasty Lebanon foods and Mediterranean foods, this Halal restaurant also offers a cozy place. The restaurant is dominated with white, making it looks clean and minimalist.

If you are curious where you can taste unique and delicious Mediterranean foods and Lebanon foods, Naya Mezze & Grill is located in 2nd Ave, New York, USA.

Janty Noodle

Located in a large shopping center, Janty Noodle is a restaurant that serves Indonesian chicken noodle. In this restaurant, you will be able to taste a bowl of delicious spicy chicken noodle combined with fresh broth and fish balls. There are also mushrooms, chopped chicken, and fried onions as the topping. For the price, Janty Noodle restaurant offers affordable Indonesian chicken noodle. The menu costs under $10 which can be said cheap in Los Angeles area. For you who want to taste Indonesian chicken noodle for your lunch, visit Janty Noodle restaurant at 989 S. Glendora Ave. West Covina, USA.

Halal Guys

If you are too busy and want to take away food for your lunch, you should consider Halal Guys. This restaurant is in the form of a food truck so it only serves foods for takeaway. Halal Guys is one of the pioneers of Halal foods in New York and it is one of the best Halal restaurants there. The menus served by Halal Guys are kebab sandwich, falafel, and biryani rice with chicken or beef toppings. Go to West 53rd Street &, 7th Ave, New York, to visit this one of the good lunch restaurants near me.

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