Healthy Best Lunch Restaurants Near Me Fast Food To Grab


 Healthy Best Lunch Restaurants Near Me Fast Food To Grab

Healthy best lunch restaurants near me fast food to grab

What are the best lunch restaurants near me to grab when order? When it comes to lunch, you might be craving and desire to eat everything on the menu. How you can order a healthy menu while you in fast food restaurants?  Here are complete guides to help you order healthy lunch from the restaurant near you. 

Healthy menu from different restaurant types

If you want to get a healthier option, you can choose from these lists below:

•        Italian: pasta with tomato sauce, grilled or steamed lean meat to fish, minestrone soup, add an extra salad.

•        Japanese: edamame, vegetable sushi, miso soup/avocado sushi

•        Indian: tandoori chicken, chana masala,

•        Mexican: burrito with pinto beans, fresh tomato salsa, and fresh vegetable salad.

Chipotle restaurant

The chipotle restaurant is well known for its fresh and high-quality ingredients. What you can order for your best lunch menu from this restaurant?

•    Crispy corn tortilla taco. For you who love Mexican cuisine, this is the best lunch menu for you. The healthy vegetables wrapped with flour tortillas that add carbs and count not over than 400 calories.

•    Salad. Chipotle is a restaurant that comes with food integrity dedication as their menu made with high-quality and fresh ingredients. Order their simple salad menu with lettuce, black beans, tomato salsa, corn salsa, fajitas vegetables, and the delicious guacamole. This is a delicious lunch that satisfied you and brings 400 calories.

•    Bean burrito. Get bored with salad? Then you can order bean burrito that made from fajitas vegetables, romaine lettuce, and beans. Ask them to hold the ingredients of rice, meat, and sour cream to reduce the calories count.

Jamba Juice

Jamba Juice is well known as a restaurant that provides a healthy menu for breakfast, quick lunch and delicious snack. It was also is known as its name with healthy fruit smoothies, all baked goods, sandwiches, and other healthy meal.

•    Mediterranean YUM. The flatbread that comes with onions, peppers, grilled zucchini,

•    Brie, apple ‘and sweet fig sandwich. This sandwich gives you homemade taste and sweet with apples and fig spread. The calories count when you order this meal? It takes only 320 calories so it is a good lunch for your diet.


Quiznos is a franchise fast-food restaurant that specializes in offering toasted submarine sandwiches’

•    Subway 6-inch roast beef sandwich and vegetable delicious salad. There are many subways are best known for their sandwiches that stacked with high meat, cheese, and unhealthy sauces. However, this 6-inch roast beef sandwich off the restaurant chain’s Frehg Fit menu made from lean roast beef and added with 2 servings of crisp vegetables which gave it 25 proteins. The combination with green salad brings more fiber and protein to get a low-calorie meal.

•    Harvest chicken salad. If you want to make healthy lunch, then Quiznos harvest chicken salad perhaps becomes one of the healthiest salads you can get as it comes fresh vegetables and fruits,

Boston market

•    Three pieces dark rotisserie chicken. The low-calorie count is not only the best option you can choose for lunch option. This most nutrients meal can be an option for you. It comes with lower calories bones and skinless chicken breast that contain 48 calories.

•    Quarter white rotisserie chicken. It is a low-calorie lunch meal without carbohydrates. With steamed vegetables and protein, it counts 400 calories.


•     Chicken and hummus bistro box. For you who want to have an alternative for healthy meal option, Starbucks have it on their menu. They have chicken ‘and hummus bistro box that comes with grilled chicken strips, grape tomatoes, cucumbers, wheat pita and humus that contain 260 calories. If this not satisfies you, you can still add a serving of fruit and skim late without break more than 400 calories.

•    Protein bistro box. If you want an alternative from the chicken menu, then you can choose this protein bistro box that contains with hardboiled egg, honey peanut butter spread, apples, cheddar cheese, multigrain pieces of bread, and grapes. It only contains 380 calories and becomes a pretty choice.


•    Grilled chicken sandwich. This meal option it comes with half size from regular hamburger. It made with only tomato, lettuce, and mayonnaise. The calories are 380 calories and while you hold the mayo sauce, you can cut back the calories to 50 calories from the total.

•    Southwest salad with grilled chicken. This is a salad that full fling your tummy longer. It offers you 28 grams of muscle building proteins and with 8 grams of fiber ‘since it made from lean grilled chicken, fresh vegetables and black beans.

Taco Bell

•    Fresco chicken soft tacos. Get the taste delicious healthy lunch from Mexican border with fresh taco order from Taco Bell. When order, replace the ‘cheese and avocado ranch sauce with fresh lettuce to reduce the calories count. The best part from order this; you can reduce this fresh taco and the count calories totally only 300 calories. You can add a side dish with extra black beans to achieving the belly fiber filling.

Burger King

•    Chicken, apple, cranberry garden salad wrap. This burger king menu is full, balanced meal in one option. It has 430 calories with fresh apples, lettuces, lean protein chicken, and wheat tortillas to get carbs.

Tips to control healthy food when order lunch

•        Order sandwich that made from scratch rather than going with readymade choose.

•        Go to a restaurant that allows you to create your own salad request or choose toppings that you fit with your diet.

·        How to get stay full till dinner

•        Get balance amount of quality carbs and lean proteins. Have protein can help you to stay full longer. Try eating tuna, eggs, grilled chicken or turkey, or sandwich and wrap.

•        Get fiber. Fiber also helps us to get satisfied and this becomes the biggest reason to add extra vegetables, fruit, and salad to your lunch meal.

If you need to take a rest after work in your office but does not have much time to eat in a fine restaurant, then order fast food restaurant is the best option. Choose the healthiest lunch menu such as these best lunch restaurants near me menu beyond to help you stay healthy.

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