Kobe Japanese Steakhouse Menu Prices

Kobe Japanese Steakhouse Menu Prices

The Hibachi Kobe Japanese steakhouse menu prices

When you are the person that loves Asian food, then you need to taste the delicious menu in Kobe Japanese Steakhouse. The Kobe Japanese steakhouse menu prices vary as the menu is wide ranges, from the sushi, hibachi menu, and desserts.

How much Kobe Japanese steakhouse menu prices

If you want to go to Kobe Japanese Steakhouse, then you need to prepare yourself. There are many interesting menus that you can choose. By searching from Kobe Japanese steakhouse menu prices

Below, you can plan which one that you want to order when you arrived in the restaurant.

Kobe Japanese Steakhouse will give you delighting and unique Teppanyaki experience. As you order your menu, their skilled chefs will entertain you while they cook the dinner you order right before your eyes. You can choose order menu from their high-quality menu and taste the fresh ingredients that always becomes their top priority when cook meals.

There are several locations available that near to you when you interested to taste and order Kobe Japanese steakhouse. From these restaurants locations, the menu and price can be slightly different, therefore, read for details for each Kobe Japanese steakhouse menu prices that nearest to your town.

  • Orlando, Alafaya. The address of this restaurant is in 11609, E Colonial, Dr. Orlando, Florida, 32817.For the phone number that you can call is (407) 208-9062.

The take-out line is on the phone (407) 868-9029.

  • Clearwater. Florida, 33761.The phone number is 727-791-1888.
  • Tampa, Brandon. 2210 Brandon Boulevard. Brandon Florida 33511
  • Tampa, New Tampa. 19602 Bruce B downs, Boulevard Tampa, Florida, 33647. The phone number is 813-994-6600.
  • Orlando, Lake Buena Vista.The address is in 8460 Palm Parkway, Orlando, Florida 32836. The phone number is 407-239-1119
  • Orlando Long Wood. The restaurant is in 108 Markham Wood Rd, Long Wood Florida. The phone number is (407) 389-1888
  • Orlando, Kissimmee 2901 Parkway Blvd, 34747. The phone number is 407-396-8088. Get special price for dinner 4 for family and friends with only $60.
  • Altamonte Springs. The address is on Orlando, Altamonte Springs, 468 Hwy 436 Altamonte Springs, and Florida. The phone number for reservation is (407) 862 2888.

The open hours

  • The open hour for lunch is on Fridays, Saturday, and Sundays. The operation hours are different for the occasions.
  • Teppanyaki-Hibachi: for Monday-Thursday start from 5.00 pm to 10.30 pm. On Friday and Saturday: 12.00pm to 10.30 pm, and for Sundays, it starts from 12.00pm to 10.00 pm.
  • Wasabi-sushi-takeout: from Monday to Saturday it comes from 5.00p to 10.30p. On Sunday, it takes from 5.00 to 10.30 pm.

What does Hibachi Means?

Hibachi is the Japanese word that literally means” the fire pot”. You might notice that most the Asian restaurants crave tend to bring the word “Hibachi” in the names of the restaurants and as key features for the establishments. The Hibachi is the cooking style or the cooking method. This is the experience that combining the delicious great foods with entertainment in one vibrant and comfortable environment.

The technique of Hibachi

Kobe Japanese steakhouse restaurants use the original technique of Hibachi representation. First, the customer will choose their meats and vegetables. Meanwhile, the special stainless steel surface that will be served as the stage for the hibachi chefs to present the attracting visual and culinary presentation will be prepared. The ingredients that customer has to choose previously will be cooked right in front of them. The chefs will cook the ingredients by chopping, mixing, and cooking with precisions, fun acrobatics, and also the humoristic sense to bring the fun atmosphere.

Are you ready to order? Here is the complete the Kobe Japanese Steakhouse menu price so you can decide what you want to order when you go Kobe Japanese steakhouse.

  • Traditional.

The teriyaki steak $14.95, hibachi steal $15.50, hibachi chicken $12.95, Hibachi shrimp $12.95, calamari dinner $13.95, fillet Magnon $17.25, hibachi scallops $16.95, and orange rough is $16.96.

  • Special rolls.

California rolls (crabmeat, avocado, cucumber) $3.95. Spider rolls (fried soft shell crab, crab meat, cucumber, and avocado) $7.25.  Crunch roll (fried shrimp, tempura crunch, crab meat) with the price $5.25. Salmon skin roll (cooked salmon skin, dried fish, and cucumber) $5.25.  Kamikaze roll

  • The specialty.The hibachi steak and chicken cost $19.50, hibachi steak and shrimp cost $21.00 for surf& Turf, it cost $22.45, for Kobe Special, Hibachi steak and Lobster tail it cost $27.00. for the seafood lover, you also can order the seafood menu in this restaurant with $18.95 and seafood combination that priced at $29.95.
  • Kid’s menu.When you bring family and children come with you, then you can choose this several options of delicious kid’s menu to your kids. This is a perfect menu for kids under 10 years old that will be fitted with their portion and the taste.For kids menu, there are hibachi chicken that cost $7.50, hibachi beef that price $8.75, and hibachi shrimp that cost $8.95.
  • Beverages.The beverages available in this restaurant start from $1.50 for ice and hot tea, $1.95 for coffee and soda beverages, and juice drink that price $2.25.
  • Side order.For accompany your meals, you can order the side menu such as shrimp sauté, scallop sauté, shrimp tempura, and scallop tempura that cost $5.75 each, the Japanese onion soup, Japanese salad and hibachi rice that cost $1.75 each menu, and beef sashimi that Cost $7.75.
  • The premium chef’s recommendation.This is the best package of Kobe Japanese steakhouse menu that includes to all Teppanyaki courses and added with House Dessert. The menu consists of Sumo sampler that cost $56, Kobe Trio that priced $32, Seafood trio that cost $49, and ultimate Miyazaki wagyu that cost $90. The ultimate Miyazaki wagyu is the premium A5 grade of Japanese Wagyu beef come from Miyazaki prefecture.

There are many orders menu available in Kobe Japanese steakhouse restaurant. The menu may be different is different restaurant location. You can visit the official website from Kobe Japanese steakhouse restaurant for checking the Kobe Japanese Steakhouse menu prices and menu available in the restaurant near you.

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