Mexican Restaurants Nearby My Location

Mexican Restaurants Nearby My Location

Order Food in Mexican Restaurants nearby My Location

A Mexican restaurant near my location is one best thing that I can think when I get hungry or when do not want to cook for my meal. Mexican food is one of the most popular cuisines around the world.

Mexican Foods that you should try

•        Chilaquiles. This is the traditional breakfast dish that comes with lightly fried corn tortillas that cut into quarters and added with green or red salsa. Usually, you also can find some restaurants that added scrambled fried eggs and fillet chicken added as well as cheese and cream. The chilaquiles can be added with a healthy dose of refried beans (frijoles).

•        Pozole. In recent day, these soups are available in a version made with chicken, pork and the vegetarian. This soup is made with hominy corn and many ingredients of spices and herbs. The dish is made by stewed hours often in overnight with traditional way. Once when it gets ready to serve, it comes with lettuce, chili, radish, onion and lime sprinkled in the top.

•        Tacos al pastor. This is one of the most popular Mexican dishes with varies type. The original taco al pastor made with thin strips pork that sliced off a spit. It placed into corn tortillas and served with coriander leaves, pineapple and onions.

•        Tostadas. Tostadas are the delicious Mexican dish that comes with corn tortillas that fried in boiling oil until it gets crunchy and golden. These often served alone or served together with any number of garnishes. The popular garnishes such as cheese, seafood, frijoles, cooked meat, and ceviche are example toppings that you can choose.

•        Chiles en nogada. This dish boasting with three colors of the Mexican flag. The Chiles en nogada is one of the Mexican food that most patriotic.

•        Elote. Elote is the name of Mexican food that is corn in the cob. This food is popular as street food and you can find in almost in every city street corner. The corn is boiled traditionally and then served with a stick and eaten such as ice cream or cut off the corn kernels from the cob. The ingredients such as salt, cheese, butter, chili powder, lime, sour cream, and mayonnaise are added in abundance.

•        Enchiladas. The enchiladas date back into Mayan times when people in Mexico valley eat corn tortillas wrapped around the small fish. In recent day, corn and flour tortillas used and filled with one of the ingredients such as cheese, seafood, beans, vegetable, meat, or all above from it. The stuffed tortillas then will be covered in chili sauce.

•        Mole. Mole is the rich Mexican sauce that popular and almost use in Mexican food. There are many types of the mole but they all contain with around 20 ingredients or more, including with one or more varies of chili peppers and all of these ingredients will stirring in constant for over a length of period time. The example of a well -known mole is Poblano Mole, the rusty red sauce that typically served with chicken or turkey meat.

•        Guacamole. Guacamole is Mexican food that undoubtedly one of the most popular traditional sauces dishes that back time into the Aztec era. This traditional sauce made from mashed ingredients of avocados, tomatoes, lemon juice, onions, and chili peppers. Guacamole is often eating with tortillas chips and sometimes used as a side dish.

•        Tamales. Tamales are originally made by Mayan, Aztec and Inca tribes who need for nourish food into the battle. The pocket of corn dough stuffed with savory or sweet filling and then wrapped with banana leaves or with corn husks and then steamed. The fillings are coming with various options such as meats, cheese, fruits, chilies, vegetables and more.

The healthy Mexican food to order in a restaurant

Are you the one you have your diet and need to ear healthy diet when you order Mexican food? The art of Mexican food is it as incorporated varies of pungent flavors.  Eating healthy Mexican food can be easier as you can.

•        Crunch some calories by choose item that comes with soft tortillas. The soft tortillas are prepared with baked while the hard one comes with fried.

•        A friend with beans. Chose black beans that become the healthiest option for the dieter.

•        Get soft with salsa. Order soft salsa to switch your chips. the soft tortillas are baked on the other side, the crunchy shells are fried. Choose the soft salsa to turn the crunchy chips is the easiest way to save a few calories.

·        Black beans top. Choose black beans as it is the best beans for dieters. Black beans are low fat but high proteins and have a lot of fibers. Remember, avoid dish with black beans and rice as this will increase your carbs account.

·        Smart options. Choose smart options menu when you in Mexican restaurants such as chicken fajitas, a grilled chicken dish, brown rice, whole-wheat tortillas, and marinated vegetables or bean burritos.

The Best Mexican Restaurants

Which Mexican restaurants that you can go when you want to taste the traditional Mexican food? There are many options of Mexican restaurants especially near to your location. You can find the cheapest or the high style one. Believe it or not, you can find the Mexican restaurant easier in most of America (as this country goes border with Mexico) and in some other countries around the world.

·        Taco Bell. Taco Bell is one of the most popular Mexican restaurants. It was voted as the best Mexican restaurant in the country.

·        Taco time. If you are the one that loves fast food, then this is the best option of Mexican restaurant to go.

·        El Rey Del Taco.

·        El Pique

·        Tin roof taco in Idaho.

The price for Mexican order

How much you will spend the budget when the order in a Mexican restaurant? Guacamole median price for this dish comes at $11.28. If you are looking for the affordable plate, you can head over to the Tex-Mex restaurant where the dish cost you little of $5 and in New Jersey comes with more than $17. There varies price of Mexican food comes as many factors can affect the price, including what served with alongside the dish. While more restaurant and chefs head into the border, it makes the pricing options differently in Mexican restaurants nearby my location.

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