Must Go To Restaurants In las Vegas – Recommended Restaurants in Las Vegas

Recommended Restaurants in Las Vegas

Must go to restaurants in Las Vegas – Las Vegas is not only famous for its casinos. But this glamorous city is also a home for a lot of various restaurants which offers delicious foods. From pizza to ramen, you will be able to find a wide range of foods in Las Vegas. If you are traveling to Las Vegas, make sure you spare some of your times to fill your tummy with super tasty foods in these recommended restaurants. Check them out.

Bach Burger

Must Go To Restaurants In las Vegas

This restaurant offers 6 different kinds of burgers which are made from a mixture of pork, shrimp, and beef. The addition of fresh basil, lemongrass, and mint makes burgers even more delicious. The sauce is freshly made from high-quality ingredients and fish, adding a different taste to the burgers. If you are a burger lover, make sure you visit Bach Burger when you visit Las Vegas. You will have a chance to taste a different tasty burger here.

Hot N Juicy Crawfish

Must Go To Restaurants In las Vegas

The specialization of this restaurant is spicy seafood, and they are an expert in it. In Hot N Juicy Crawfish, customers are allowed to be creative and customize their foods as their wish. First, they can choose the seafood they want which are including oysters, lobsters, mussels, shrimps, crabs, and many more. Then, customers can choose a flavor, whether Lousiana style, Cajun style, or just simple flavor with butter and garlic. Last, the customers decide the spicy level that they can handle. This restaurant is pretty unique, isn’t it? For you who love both spicy and seafood, Hot N Juicy Crawfish is a perfect choice.


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Another recommended restaurant for seafood lovers. Bartolotta is an Italian restaurant that is specialized in seafood. This restaurant is known for its high-end fish ingredients which are caught in Italy and flown to Las Vegas every day. Impressive, isn’t it? Here, various seafood dishes are available. Choose the fish and let it be cooked as you wish; grilled or roasted. If you want your seafood to be fancier, the chef can add a white truffle to your seafood.

There are many choices for appetizers, such as saute baby clams, anchovy, tomatoes, garlic, and a bottle of your favorite wine. Their octopus is soft and perfect as well. If you are looking for an unforgettable culinary moment, you should try their snapper with fresh lemon juices and olive oil. You surely will not regret it.

Monta Ramen

Must Go To Restaurants In las Vegas

Monta Ramen is the locals’ favorite when they want to have delicious ramen. This Japanese restaurant serves ramen a la Kurume. The broth is made from special pork bones and special soy sauce, giving a unique taste to the ramen dishes which can be enjoyed by customers. Monta Ramen has a lot of kinds of ramen with many different toppings. Besides, Monta Ramen also serves fried rice, a bowl of pork belly, and many more. If you want to have a Japanese taste in Las Vegas, try to visit Monta Ramen.


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The next recommended restaurant in Las Vegas is Jaleo. Jaleo is a restaurant owned by Jose Andres, a celebrity chef who has another restaurant with the same name in Washington DC. Here, customers will be able to taste a unique taste that is identical to celebrity chefs. Various yummy foods such as steak, paella, and fresh salmon with lemon oil are available. Do not forget to order a special cocktail or sangria from this restaurant to complete your meals.

Joel Robuchon

Must Go To Restaurants In las Vegas5

Do you wish to have meals in a high-class restaurant? Then, you should go to Joel Robuchon. This high-class French restaurant is located in MGM Grand. Here, you will be treated like a royal. Once you have made a reservation, you will be picked up with a limousine to the entrance of MGM Mansion. Then, you will be escorted to a grand room to dine. The room is able to accommodate 50 persons at one time. Its interior is decorated with golden decorations combined with purple accents. Joel Robuchon offers 16 courses that the customers will be charged $385 per person for it. The courses consist of crabs, Osetra caviar, fennel cream, and ravioli that is made from egg yolks, spinaches, and chanterelles.

You will also be able to enjoy a glass of red wine or white wine with grilled lobsters. Joel Robuchon has perfect bread as a side dish for those courses. It is made from butter that comes from Brittany. Are you ready to have a classy and elegant dining in Las Vegas?

Sura BBQ Buffet

Must Go To Restaurants In las Vegas7

Are you looking for a buffet restaurant in Las Vegas? Sura BBQ Buffet is a buffet restaurant that serves various meats which are grilled right in front of you. This restaurant is not an American barbeque with hotdog or hamburgers. Sura BBQ Buffet serves super tasty Korean barbeque. Because it is a buffet restaurant, you can eat as many meats as you wish. Sura BBQ Buffet is very suitable for you who visit Las Vegas in a big group. This buffet restaurant is also a perfect place to hold special occasions.

Bonito Michoacan

Must Go To Restaurants In las Vegas8

This Mexican restaurant has everything. They serve everything starts from tacos, beef tongues, low carbohydrate menus, kids meals, vegetarian meals, and many more. Try their ribs and lobsters dishes. Or, you can have a taste of their steak and lobster tails which are served with rice and Mexican nuts. Bonito Michoacan also offers various options for seafood, chicken, and steak so that you can have endless options.


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Are you often getting hungry in the middle of the night and you do not want to cook? It is okay, Ichiza is there to save you. Ichiza is a late night restaurant that is suitable for hanging out with your friends. This restaurant serves many Japanese dishes including sushi. Tartare yellowtail, jalapeno fried rice, and ramen are also available. But a beef bowl is the favorite among customers and it is the most recommended meal in Ichiza. Are you interested to visit this one of must go to restaurants in Las Vegas?

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