Thai and Sushi Near Me

Thai and Sushi Near Me

Looking for Thai and Sushi Near Me

If you are looking for Thai and Sushi near me, I will show you some excellent eating places that not only offer Thai cuisines, but also those from East Asian countries, especially Japan. All-Asian restaurants are everywhere to be found in Los Angeles. Some of them specifically serve Thai and Japanese cuisines, which are considered among the most popular Asian cuisines in Los Angeles, whereas some others offer Thai and Japanese cuisines as well as those originating from China, Korea, Indonesia, etc. If you want to try an elegant blend of Thai and Japanese cuisines, especially Thai foods and sushi, here are some high-rated Asian restaurants in Los Angeles and neighboring areas that you can visit.

Rize Thai and Sushi Infusion

Beach is the best place to enjoy Thai and sushi because most Thai foods and sushi consist of seaweeds and other ingredients that are derived from the sea. If you are looking for a coastal restaurant to enjoy Thai foods and sushi, take your time to have a lunch at Rize Thai and Sushi Infusion. This restaurant is located at Lincoln Boulevard, Santa Monica, Los Angeles’s most celebrated coastal recreational area. You will have plenty of time to entertain yourself inside and outside the restaurant.

There is a large selection of foods and beverages that you can enjoy here. You can try salmon, which is available as both fried salmon typical of Thai culinary art and Japanese raw salmon, and the restaurant’s prized skewered chicken meat and curried duck breast. As a restaurant that serves coastal cuisines, you can also try Thai lobster and other seafoods. All of those foods are prepared by real Thai chefs.

Jasmine Hana Thai and Sushi

North Gaffey Street, Los Angeles, is the home of many hotels where tourists spend their nights after bouts of LA trips. For hotel guests who prefer eating outside, a nice restaurant with a great selection of foods and beverages is certainly wanted. Jasmine Hana Thai and Sushi is not only located at a perfect spot in this area. It also attempts to offer the best to its customers. It offers a large selection of Thai foods, including Pad Thai Chicken and fried rice, as well as sushi and few other Japanese foods.

What is special about this restaurant is that it offers foods with sufficiently large portion but with sufficiently low price. You can get full with only $15 at this restaurant. If you stay at any hotels along North Gaffey Street, you should stop by this restaurant to have an exciting meal.

Sister Sushi and Thai

Sister Sushi and Thai is another Thai and Sushi near me that I encourage you to visit. This restaurant is run by Peter Yuwawanich, an experienced chef who has been working in culinary industries for years in Japan. He dedicates his restaurant to his sister, who is also operating a similar Thai-Japanese restaurant called Pookie’s Thai. What is special about this restaurant is the authenticity and originality of its foods. If you are looking for a real place to enjoy real Thai and Japanese cuisines, you should frequent Sister Sushi and Thai.

A large selection of Thai and Japanese foods and beverages, ranging from appetizers to dinner specials and desserts, is available at this restaurant. Specialty dishes include Tuna Scallop, Oyster Shooter, Bazooka Shooter, etc, all of which are available for under $15. This restaurant, which is located at Moorpark, California, has a website that you can visit if you want to learn more about its profile and all foods and beverages listed on its menu.

Boat Sushi and Thai Restaurant

Boat Sushi and Thai Restaurant is a perfectly located Thai and Sushi near me for golfers or recreationists killing their time at the nearby El Segundo Lakes golf course. This Thai and Sushi restaurant is located at Sepulveda Boulevard, just next to the golf course. If you are looking for fresh sushi and other Japanese foods, you can find them here. If you are expecting more spices on your foods, there is a large selection of traditional Thai foods available here.

With so many foods and beverages in the menu, you certainly want to know the specialty dishes that this restaurant offers. Most customers have been talking very much about the restaurant’s special nigiri, scallop roll and spicy tuna. You may want to try those foods if you are looking for something that the restaurant specializes in.

Moku Sushi and Thai Cuisine

Sometimes you want to eat at a restaurant, but some other time you want to eat at home. Either way, Moku Sushi and Thai Cuisine can provide you with everything that will tickle your palate. If you prefer eating onsite, you can visit this restaurant at 526 Palisades Dr, Pacific Palisades, CA. You can also place an order to have your favorite foods delivered to your home. This eatery specializes in making fancy Bento box that brings the fancy restaurant-grade food presentation right to your doorstep.

The majority of foods in its menu are Japanese foods, including Sushi, Sashimi and other foods served in a Japanese way. There are also salads and soups with exciting Thai touch. Although its selection of Thai cuisines is not as complete as that of other Thai restaurants, you can still find popular Thai foods here.

Kazoku Sushi

Kazoku Sushi is not a Sushi and Thai restaurant per se. It is a Japanese restaurant with all Japanese foods and beverages in its menu. However, this sushi restaurant is still worthy to visit for Thai food lovers because it is located in Los Angeles’s Thai Town, the only Thai Town in the United States. If you are looking for sushi and other Japanese cuisines, Kazoku Sushi can provide them to you. If you are looking for Thai foods, Thai restaurants selling them are nearby. Sometimes, it is better to enjoy sushi and Thai foods at two separate places—places that specialize in their own specific culinary arts.


Every restaurant that is listed here is great Thai and Sushi near me that I recommend you to visit. If you love Thai and Japanese foods, you should know that there are many great places in Los Angeles that can provide them to you.


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