Thai Restaurant Near Me Open Now

Thai Restaurant Near Me Open Now

Check Out Thai Restaurant Near Me Open Now

If you are a Thai expat, a Thai food lover, or simply someone who wishes to try something new, you should check out Thai restaurant near me open now. There are some great places in Jakarta where you can enjoy a large selection of Thai cuisines with all of their variety, appeal and exoticness. If you are currently staying in or near the capital city, here are six recommended Thai restaurants that you can visit.


Exoticism is not necessarily associated with outdated traditionalism. At Santhai, you can enjoy Thai cuisines in a modern way. With modern interior design, this Thai restaurant near me open now greets its guests with an atmosphere of simplicity, ease, cleanliness, and brightness. With the modern way in serving foods and drinks, this restaurant attempts to obscure the distinct characteristics of a traditional eastern restaurant with its western counterpart. You will feel the complete sensation of modernity while eating here.

In terms of menu, Santhai offers a large selection of Thai cuisines, with the majority of which consists of coastal foods and beverages. If you are looking for a pleasant place to enjoy Thai seafood, Santhai can be a great eatery to visit. There are also desserts available if you want to soothe your palate after flooding your mouth with sour and spice main courses.

Santhai is located at the Lower Ground floor of Kota Kasablanka Mall and is open from 10 to 10, AM and PM respectively.

Ying Thai

Although this restaurant focuses on offering Thai foods and beverages, it also attempts to blends Thai cuisines with other Asian cuisines, so here you can taste the combination of Thai foods with local foods or Thai foods with eastern Asian tastes. This Asian fusion philosophy, however, doesn’t cause this restaurant to lose the unique Thai sensation that other Thai restaurants offer. If you are looking for unique Thai foods, such as Tom Yum, Gai Pad Khing, and Tom Kha Gai, you can find them here, but if you want to try the combination of those foods with other Asian foods, Ying Thai is the only restaurant in Jakarta where you can find it. You can even actually find a blend of Thai food and western cuisine, such as the unique Pork Knuckles—a food which is actually a blend of Thai and German culinary arts.

Ying Thai is located at Ruko Crown Golf Blok B no. 8-9, Pantai Indah Kapuk, North Jakarta, and is open from 11 AM to 10 PM.

Tamnak Thai

Asian cuisines are known for their extensive use of spices. Thai cuisine is not an exception, and if you want to try Thai foods with the rich taste of spices, Tamnak Thai is the right place to visit. There is also a large selection of foods and beverages in the menu, so if you are very much familiar with Thai cuisines, you can mostly find your favorite foods there.

Taking a look at the menu, you can find popular Thai cuisines including Tom Yum, Kalamae, Khao Phad, Pineapple Fried Rice, Son Tam salad, and Deep-Fried Squid Head. This restaurant is located in two places in Jakarta. One is located on the first floor of Menteng Central and the other on the ground floor of Plaza Adorama, South Jakarta.

Jittlada Thai Cuisine

Jittlada Thai Cuisine is a Thai restaurant located in Grand Indonesia Mall’s Sky Bridge, but it also has opened some chains in the neighboring cities. This modern Thai restaurant offers a large selection of popular Thai foods and beverages that you may or may not be familiar with, but the most famous item in its menu is its Pandan Leaf Chicken and Basil Beef. This restaurant is an amusing place to eat whether you eat alone, with a girl or boyfriend, or with your family.

Another thing that makes this restaurant interesting is its relatively affordable price. A table for two costs less than $20, making it a perfect budget restaurant for guests wishing to enjoy an exotic romantic dinner.

Thai Alley

If you dislike the formal atmosphere and obvious costliness of any Thai restaurant near me open now and prefer spending your time at more casual and budget-friendlier eateries, Thai alleys should be the best places to visit. Thai alleys in Jakarta are basically the centers of Thai street foods. The variety of foods at these places is bigger than that of any Thai restaurants and the price of foods is significantly lower than that in any of those restaurants. Thai alleys are obviously great places for every Thai food seeker, regardless of their budget.

There are a number of so-called Thai alleys in Jakarta, including ones in Pacific Place Mall, Kelapa Gading Mall, Summarecon Mall, Margo City, and Plaza Senayan. Wherever you are in Jakarta, you can always find a cool place to enjoy Thai cuisines nearby.

Chandara Fine Thai Cuisine

If you want not only to enjoy Thai cuisines, but also to be immersed in Thai culture, you can take your lunch at Chandara Fine Thai Cuisine. The interior of this restaurant is richly decorated with various visual elements of Thai culture, including Thai lettering and arts as well as the famous elephant figures. You will feel as if you are in Thailand when you eat at this restaurant.

Foods and drinks are served in a luxurious way, making this restaurant a perfect place to have a romantic dinner. Due to the rather luxurious presentation of its menu items, you may need to spend more to eat at this place, but don’t worry very much because for a table of two, you only need to pay about $20.

Just like other luxury Thai restaurants in Jakarta, Chandara Fine Thai Cuisine is also a perfect place to enjoy some of the most popular Thai cuisines, such as Pandan Leaf Chicken and Mango Sticky Rice.


When you are looking for a good place in Jakarta to enjoy Thai cuisines, you should be glad because there are many places as such in the capital city. Finding Thai restaurant near me open now is really a breeze. And the best thing of all is that you can always find the best Thai eatery regardless of your preferred eating style, the number of people who eat with you, and your budget.

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