How to Find the Best Vietnamese Restaurant Near Me

How to Find the Best Vietnamese Restaurant Near Me

How to Find the Best Vietnamese Restaurant Near Me

I want to try the delicious and healthy Vietnamese cuisines. How can I find the best Vietnamese restaurant near me? Vietnamese cuisines, just like other ethnic cuisines, are considered alien to the Americans and checking the names of Vietnamese cuisines is often a challenging experience, due to both the strange names and the strange diacritics on their Latin letters.

However, due to the recently rising popularity of Pho, which is Vietnam’s prized noodle soup, more and more Americans become more curious about what Vietnamese people actually eat besides this delicious soup. Remember that we become aware of the variety of Thai foods after trying Tom Yum and that Japanese cuisines are not limited only to sushi and sashimi after trying the famous Ramen. Through Pho, we might be able to explore the richness of Vietnamese cuisines and to find the real jewels in the Vietnamese culinary tradition.

How to Find Vietnamese Restaurant Near Me?

If you want to try Pho and other unique Vietnamese cuisines, finding an authentic Vietnamese restaurant should not be hard to do. There are several ways to find the best Vietnamese restaurants in the United States.

  1. Using Smart Maps

By using your smartphone or internet browser, you can use the online maps to find any restaurants in your locality that serve Vietnamese cuisines. The restaurant itself is not necessarily exclusively Vietnamese. A large variety of Vietnamese foods and drinks are often served in restaurants labeled as Asian, Chinese, or even Japanese and Korean restaurants. If you are lucky, you might be able to find an exclusive Vietnamese restaurant that serves only Vietnamese cuisines. Due to the way search engines, especially Google, handle local business search, almost every establishment is already listed in their directory and appearing on their maps.

  1. Check Vietnamese Enclaves Throughout the Country.

The United States is the melting pot of diverse cultures originating from many different parts of the world. And different ethnic communities often establish exclusive enclaves where they can revive their own specific cultures and run businesses related to such cultures. If you are looking for an eating place that serves Vietnamese cultures, you can simply search online for Vietnamese enclaves like Little Saigon, Little Vietnam, or Little Hanoi. The different names are often associated with political predisposition; however, culinary tradition is mostly independent of political affiliation. Therefore, you can always find delicious Vietnamese cuisines regardless of whether you visit communism-oriented or capitalism-oriented enclaves.

There are three biggest Vietnamese enclaves in the United States: in Orange County, in San Jose, and in Houston. If you live near those places, finding the best Vietnamese restaurants should be so easy that you may find those restaurants within walking distance. Nonetheless, the same enclaves, though smaller in size, can also be found in other cities in more than 20 states in the United States.

  1. Find Asian Restaurants.

As mentioned above, Vietnamese cuisines are often served in any Asian restaurants, regardless of their national affiliation. Certain restaurants allow you to check their menu online. Therefore, check the menu and see whether Vietnamese foods and drinks are listed on the menu.

  1. Find Any Restaurants with the Word Pho in Their Name.

Sometimes, a Vietnamese restaurant doesn’t use the word Vietnamese in its name. Instead, it mentions Vietnam’s most famous food, Pho. Therefore, it is also possible for you to find the best Vietnamese restaurant by searching for Pho restaurants using the internet.

Are All Vietnamese Restaurants Offer the Same Menu?

I know I can find the best Vietnamese restaurant near me, but will I eat the same foods and drink the same beverages when I visit any Vietnamese restaurants? Although all Vietnamese restaurants share a large variety of similar foods and drinks, not all Vietnamese restaurants are the same and you might find that the foods that are served in a particular restaurant are never found in another restaurant.

Restaurants that are located in the same enclave or region may share a similar menu; however, when you finally visit another enclave, especially the distant one, you may find the menu very much different. May Pham writes in Food Republic about such unusual diversity when she compares the menu of Vietnamese restaurants in Little Saigon in Orange Country and the menu of Vietnamese restaurants in Houston. The foods and drinks served in both areas are very much different, with the Houston-based restaurants serving a better variety of Vietnamese cuisines.

If the Menu Is Different, Which Food Should I Choose?

I am aware of the diversity in the menu of every Vietnamese restaurant near me, so give me some clues of the best Vietnamese cuisines that I should try.

The best way to discover the best Vietnamese cuisines that sufficiently tickle your palate is to visit any Vietnamese restaurants yourself and pick any foods, even the ones you are not yet familiar with. However, if you prefer to know what enters your mouth, here are three recommended Vietnamese cuisines that you should try.

  1. Pho

As already mentioned in many places in this article, Pho should be your first gate to the world of Vietnamese culinary tradition. This noodle soup is rich in ingredients and flavors. And as mentioned in the first sentence above, Pho is also healthy and rich in nutrients. Pho basically consists of salty broth, shredded chicken or beef meat, sprinkles of herbs, and fresh rice noodles. This combination makes Pho a delicious and refreshing soup to eat.

  1. Banh Xeo

If you prefer a drier food, try Banh Xeo. Its crispy crepe will crumble when you bite it, giving you an unforgettable eating sensation. The crumbling crepe will reveal the filling of the pancake, which usually consists of pork, shrimp, herbs, bean sprouts, and other ingredients that give this food its special taste. Banh Xeo literally means sizzling pancake because the pancake sizzles loudly when put on a hot pan.

  1. Cà Phé Trứng

If you want to finish your meal with a delicious dessert, Cà Phé Trứng or egg coffee can be a perfect choice. This dessert, which you may call either a drink or a snack, basically consists of egg yolks, condensed milk, and sugar. Despite the addition of egg, it actually tastes refreshing. You will love this dessert not only because it is delicious, but also because it is reinvigorating and rich in nutrients.

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